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Exhibitors are communicating with their customers in new ways.

Shouldn’t your exhibitor invitation solution change with them?

  • Social Media

  • HTML Email Broadcast

  • Emails, Signatures, Web
    Sites & Much More!

Only  gives exhibitors the invite tools they want today!

How it works

VIP Guest Invites is a powerful way to leverage your exhibitors customer lists to reach new, and highly qualified, attendee prospects. Our program was developed with extensive feedback, from both event managers and exhibitors, to create the ideal co-marketing program for each of them today.

The result is a model whereby exhibitors get a promo code and the tools to easily share it via customized emails, banner graphics, signatures, social media posts, landing page links and more.  The best part is that it only takes an exhibitor 1-2 minutes to participate and they don’t need to share their sensitive customer email lists to do so.  For all of these reasons, VIP Guest Invites is the most effective, and cost effective, solution available today.



Get a simple and effective way to invite and connect with their customers at your event which is in-line with how they are already communicating with them.


Enjoy a significant increase in qualified attendees with minimal resource allocation at a cost of about half of traditional exhibitor invite services.


Receive highly-designed invites that clearly communicate the value of registering, as well as discounts and other perks to attend your event.

VIP Guest Invites is so simple and effective for exhibitors to use, our clients enjoy higher participation rates, at a significantly lower price point, than other exhibitor invitation offerings currently available.

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Gets Results!

Informa has enjoyed exhibitor participation rates as high as 59% for their Advanced Manufacturing group of events

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